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The Mallow Box was born to create original recipes and make high quality, great-tasting, creative marshmallow products and inspire moments of fun and deliciousness. 


For years I've tried to come up with a business that would be more than a business. Something that would be fun, something I could feel passionate about. And something that would give people moments of happiness and deliciousness.


I love to see people smiling, love to host, gather my friends, share many laughs and nurture wonderful relationships. On one occasion, my husband's birthday to be more exact, I was hosting some friends and wanted something different, kind of fun. So, I decided to make a bouquet of decorated marshmallows.


I am Brazilian-American, meaning I was born in Brazil and after living in the US for many years, I became a citizen. I love this country and its culture and at some point, I found my love for marshmallows. They are not really a big thing In Brazil and the marshmallows I bought at the grocery stores were really bland... meh... so, I decided to create my own!


I really like a challenge, "solve puzzles." So, I began, not very confidently, to make my own marshmallows. I have tried many recipes and it took me a while to get "the one" that really worked. It is even more fun now because I absolutely love going to the kitchen and trying to create new flavors. Honestly, I have a blast!


I started simple, small. As a local business, I started to work from my own kitchen. The business started growing and I moved it to a commercial kitchen. I still love to deliver or have them picked up at my place especially because I have been meeting so many nice and interesting people. Through the Mallow Box, I am doing more than business, I am starting friendships. We are creating a Mallow-loving-community! :)

We opened and closed stores, modified our model a few times and have big plans for the future. Challenges aside, I worked 12-14 hours days, seven days a week. I am very passionate about Mallow Box and that passion keeps me going. 


Lots of Mallow love, but no MSG, no preservatives (we use light corn syrup, which may be considered a preservative.)  Our recipes are very original and our Malookies (cookie marshmallows) are our specialty. Have you tried them yet? They are TO-DIE-FOR! Or so our customers tell us. 

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