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Mallow Box boxes with nine (approx. 1.25x1.25") marshmallows:

Chocolate dipped or decorated: $14.00

Mallookies (cookie marshmallows): $16.00

Variety box (random mix of just mallows, chocolate covered/decorated and mallookies): $16:00


Mallow Box boxes with two Texas- size  (approx. 2x2") marshmallows:

Chocolate dipped or decorated: $6.00

Mallookies (cookie mallows): $7.00


Love-My-Mallows Box:

Large box containing a mix of nine-marshmallow bags, two Texas-size mallows box, variety bags, etc. They are customized and can contain a mug, coffee or hot chocolate pouches, etc. Contact for pricing.


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"I ordered a few dozen variety boxes for employee holiday gifts and they were just incredible! The marshmallows were beautifully packaged and hand-delivered to our office. They were absolutely delicious! They were soft and pillowy, not sticky at all and had such a fun variety of flavors. We will definitely be repeating corporate customers!" - Madeline Ginn (Capital One)

"Love Mallow Box! Ordered these for Christmas and they were a hit! Such a delicious treat - never knew marshmallows tasted so great!" - Shari Cobb

"Mallow Box offers a unique experience for the special people in my life. The product is incredible, made with love and delicious beyond measure. We are so happy to have found Mallow Box, for all of our celebrations and occasions!!" - Stefanie Huber