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Mallow Box Cares was created to honor Shera, Phoebe and Dixie, three furry members of the Ware family, who crossed the rainbow bridge. Martha Ware, Mallow Box founder, is a dog lover and rescued those furry girls over the years. Shera was Martha's best friend for long 17 years and Phoebe for 11. Dixie had two very short but happy years with the Ware family, before passing away due to a sudden tumor behind her eye. The family currently has two rescues: Gibbs, a lab-pit six-year-old and of them gave and still give our family happy and memorable years and we decided to honor them and help other dogs get a second chance in life.

Mallow Box makes vanilla and chocolate dipped plain marshmallows in the shape of paw prints as a way to help dog rescues save more dogs. We are now partnering with I AM DOG RESCUE and donating 20% off all paw print gourmet marshmallows. You can buy them in our web store - or at

The Mallow Box team, I Am Dog Rescue and all the doggies thank y'all very much,

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