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1- What is a Mallow?

Mallow is a short and sweet way to refer to a marshmallow. 


2- Are your marshmallows gluten-free?

Our PLAIN mallows are gluten-free.


3- Are your marshmallows vegan?

Not at this time. But we might expand our line in the future.


4- Are you marshmallows dairy-free? 

Our plain marshmallows are dairy-free. Variations containing some types of cookie or chocolate are not dairy-free. Please contact us if you need information on any specific mallow.


5- Do you use any food preservatives?

No additional preservatives are used in our mallows (corn syrup may be considered a preservative.)


6- Do you deliver?

We do not deliver at this time but we ship to anywhere in the US.

7- Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Our mallows are made to order and all of them are perishable, so, we do not accept returns or make exchanges.

8- Where can I buy Mallow Box products?

You can buy at our online store (just go to the "shop" tab,) or at: 

Mallow Box at Legacy Food Hall - 7800 Windrose Ave, Plano, TX. 75024

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