We cater to all kinds of events. We offer individually packed marshmallows, themed boxes for special occasions, favors for showers and parties, and customized trays.


We offer Hot Cocoa and S'mores Bars featuring our most delicious handcrafted gourmet marshmallows, hot chocolate, a variety of fixings, pretzel sticks, popcorn, cakes and bread. We customize the bars according to the number of people, theme and budget. We also customize the bars for weddings, corporate events, children's birthday parties, camps, retreats, etc. And we have candy bars as well!


Our marshmallow decorating parties are super fun! We take all the deliciousness to you. We take our 

 delicious marshmallow slabs, cutters, dippings and sprinkles and each one creates their own mallows. After we are done, we paint our bag sleeves and go home with our very own marshmallow package. Super cool! Email contact@mallowbox.com for details.


We cater to corporate events.


Contact contact@mallowbox.com for pricing.




I ordered 200 mallows for my mom’s 80th birthday party. The party was held in Minnesota so I needed to ship them. I was very pleased with how well they traveled. We had a big variety of mallows made up! There was at least one person who said each of the different flavors were their favorite. The younger kids liked the peanut butter cookie and Oreo cookie mallows. I personally was a fan of the plain with chocolate and the banana flavored. My mom loved them all!

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